On the wikipedia website, the information states that SMART Boards are a new technology that can be used in both classrooms and corporations. This touch controlled innovation works with a computer or projector, instead of using a chalkboard or whiteboard to display information. Any images or text can be displayed directly from the computer, and the provided pens allow anyone to write on the board. SMART Boards are very durable, and can either be mounted to the wall or easily moved if left on the floor stand.

This a SMART Board and its accessories.

What's unique about this technology:
It is able to save and print anything presented on the SMART Board, which is convenient for educators who present the same information to multiple classes throughout the day. It is also helpful for students who were absent from school because time does not need to be scheduled to re-teach the material. For corporations, the same presentations may have to be conducted multiple times due to different audiences. When using the front of the board, it becomes resistive, which means it immediately processes pressure from a pen or finger. Rear projection enables DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology to be used, where a digital camera senses activity and sends the information into a computer. A great feature for this model is that the projector is built inside of the screen, so the individual is not blocking any information or images while presenting.

Watch the video below for a demonstration:

Did it replace or enhance something else used for teaching and learning?
SMART Boards have replaced chalkboards and white boards in some classrooms and corporations. This technology enhances any classroom or corporation because of its capabilities. There is a gallery menu that provides a large amount of images from many subject categories (for example- countries, graphs, and the human body). The images can be made bigger or smaller and written on with the red, blue, black, or green pens that are provided. Since this device is durable, white board markers can be used if an individual wants different color ink. This technology saves time because the presenter is able to save and print any text or images displayed. A particular school district that uses SMART Boards has noticed positive and enthusiastic responses from students, teachers, and administrators.

Students participating during a SMART Board lesson.

How does it work for today's learners- digital natives:
According to Christine Coleman, director of Technology in the School District of New Rochelle (NY), "Kids today are digital natives" (Coleman, 2008). Coleman states that students greatly enjoy using a SMART Board because technology has surrounded them since infancy. During course selection season, most high school pupils take classes based upon the presence of this technology. They like the convenience of printing out notes because it ensures accuracy.

Look at the footage below of "digital natives":

How does it work for today's learners- the Millennials:
Educators are the millenials and despite their packed schedules with lesson planning, grading, and extra-curricular duties, they enjoy learning and using this technology. The teachers can feel enthusiasm from the students, which motivates educators to take seminars on how to use the many tools and features. Some teachers have become dependent upon SMART Boards during all instruction.

Bar graph from a general survey sent to educators who use this technology.

Include some examples of success you've discovered:

Multiple case studies have been conducted around the globe, and all of them conclude that SMART Boards energize both educators and pupils of different ages and abilities. A teacher posted an entry about an absent student who improved her math grade because she printed out the material from the SMART Board.

Watch the success story below:

Discuss what you are concerned might not work or needs to be addressed and why:
The cost of the SMART Board, the accessories, projector, warranty, and installation can be quite expensive. A PTA (Parent Teacher Association) from Creek Valley School District in Nebraska said that one board costs $2,000 (Wagner 2008). With the positive feedback from students and motivation for teachers to learn how to use this technology, more SMART Boards will be sought. I think that the price is too high for every classroom to have one. There are necessities that are needed from the budget, such as: desks, food, and athletic uniforms. I think that once some communities realize the cost, there will be apprehension to purchase for every single classroom in each building.

Here is a SMART Board and the equipment needed for usage.


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A SMART Board being used at a corporation.


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The is a SMART Board on a floor stand.

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